Writing for WordPress in the OPML Editor

WordPress.root is a Tool that runs in the OPML Editor that makes it easy to create and edit posts in the outliner and save them in WordPress. This document explains how to get going.

1. First, if you haven’t already done so, download and install the OPML Editor app for Windows or Macintosh.

2. Choose the Tool Catalog command in the Misc menu. A list of Tools should appear in your web browser and you should see wordPress in that list. In the last column is a link named Install, click it. A dialog confirms that you want to install it, click on OK.

3. After a few seconds the WordPress prefs page appears, asking for three pieces of information: Your weblog’s URL, username and password. When you click on Submit the OPML Editor communicates with your WordPress installation to get information that connects the two, and it verifies that you have a valid username and password. If all goes well, it confirms that, otherwise you will see an error message in red that explains what went wrong.

4. Now you’re ready to enter a new post. Bring the OPML Editor to the front, choose Open Workspace from the WordPress sub-menu of the Tools menu. A window opens, with three buttons at the top, Save, New Post and View. Click on New Post, enter the title of your post, then enter a bit of text, and click on Save. When you hear a short beep that means the post has been saved. Click the View button to bring the browser to the front and you can see the post in WordPress. Screen shot.

5. You can edit as much as you like, create new posts, etc.

6. See the OPML Editor help site for tips on using the outliner.


Here are the notes from the previous release in November 2005.


17 responses to “Writing for WordPress in the OPML Editor

  1. I just downloaded the OPML editor from the link on this page http://editor.opml.org/#downloadingAFreshInstall and then tried to turn on the WordPress tool from the Tool Catalog and I never got the WordPress tool prefs page. I can’t seem to find a way to make that page appear either.

    I’ll try again at home on a Mac and see what happens.


  2. Rod, thanks for trying wordPress.root. I hadn’t tested it in a fresh install, and I saw a bunch of problems, which I fixed. There’s now a new version of the tool, so if you try again, it has a better chance of working. Please let me know how it goes! 🙂

  3. I Just updated the OPML-editor. It worked for me with WordPress. It’s an interesting tool which I’m slowly getting the hang of. Very slowly 🙂

  4. Hi Dave,

    I’m trying again at home and here is what is happening. I saw this at work but didn’t realize exactly what happened.

    I downloaded the OPML Editor to a Win XP Parallels VM.

    Copied the opml folder to Program Files

    Run the OPML Editor for the first time

    Opera.dll crashes.
    RunDLL32.exe crashes.

    It created a mini dump and I did the send to Microsoft thing in case you use Winqual to collect dumps.

    The OPML editor seems to load ok and if I let it get updates it downloads updates ok.

    I installed the WordPress Tool and the Prefs page opens but the WordPress section doesn’t appear.

    I also installed on the Mac and it seems to work fine.


  5. I’m running it fine on Windows XP, under VMWare and on a Asus Eee PC. I also don’t understand what’s crashing — it’s not opml.exe. And then you ran it again on Windows and it worked? Not comprehending. In any case if it works on the Mac for you I’m happy.

  6. The Opml editor runs but the WordPress Tool doesn’t seem to work. If I get some time I’ll try to repro and see if I can figure out what is happening.

  7. I had to install WordPress.root twice for it to work, and so that I was able to configure it in the preferences. I’m on a Mac 10.5.4 with a fresh OPML editor install.

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  9. Dave, could you write up something detailing the “get categories” and where I can use it to categorize my posts? Also any chance of supporting WordPress Tags?

  10. Just downloaded the new OPML editor. Seems to edit OPML files just fine. Installed the WordPress tool. Does not work. At the outset when it is supposed to intake your preferences it points to
    but there is no such URL, apparently, it goes to the main prefs page instead. Any suggestions?

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  13. From my perspective it would be more logical to place the “New Post” button first followed by the “Save” button and then the “View” button to match the sequence in which the buttons are used to create a post.

    Thanks for sharing your tools.

  14. This is great. Works perfectly for me. Thanks.

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  16. This looks like a great tool, and I’m an instant fan of the OPML Editor. Sadly the wordpress tool won’t accept my (valid) user credentials. After several attempts, I keep getting “WordPress rejected the username/password combination.” I’ve tried with a variety of URL combinations, and different (valid) wordpress users and user roles, but no dice.

  17. I wrote a post about my experience in using OPML Editor to write wordpress posts. http://shiv.me/2010/03/24/opml-editor-as-a-wordpress-editor.html

    I had a few concerns/annoyances that I “outlined” (couldn’t resist) there. Two main things are
    1. Using tables for outline, kinda makes it hard to get at the “data” of the post. Is there anything I can do, to fix this?
    2. writing all items of a list (ul/ol) under on outline makes it very cumbersome to maintain that list. Is there a way around this?

    I’m quite sure, that I’m not using the tool the way it was intended, so any help in that regard would be much appreciated.

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